To instruct us to act on your behalf, please complete the Authority to below;

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(1) We work on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis.

(2) If a payment is made by the Electricity Company, our professional charge will be 20% of any monies received, plus VAT at the rate prevailing, payable when received from the Electricity Company. If you choose not to accept any offer from the Electricity Company, no fee is payable.

(3) Unless you have cancelled this Agreement your e-signature is confirmation that you agree to the terms of this Authority to Act and our Terms of Business.

(4) Unless there is an existing easement or wayleave you authorise us to negotiate the payment by the Electricity Company and we will if appropriate, represent you as the Owner at all meetings with the Electricity Company and/or their agent.

(5) Our engagement is subject to the terms and conditions which are available here.

(6) Our Privacy Policy is available here.